Tuesday, December 7, 2010

our first december weekend (this year anyway)

(Warning: this post is kind of boring and lame. If you do keep reading, at least I let you know!)

Neither of us has posted here since Thanksgiving, we’re bad bloggers. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and this past weekend it felt like we finally got a chance to breathe. We didn’t do a whole lot. Drinks with friends on Friday, Jason worked part of Saturday morning while I cleaned some of the apartment, and we spent some time shopping. We watched part of The Walking Dead marathon Sunday. It was peaceful, it was nice.

One minor exception: our shower liner problem. We’ve been over the need for a new clear liner for a while now, but it’s just one of those things that always seems to escape our minds when we go to the store. After I scrubbed the shower Saturday Jason made it a point that were replacing the liner that afternoon. Okay, no big deal.

We ran in Target he grabbed a liner while I looked at shower curtains and we headed home. It didn’t take long for us to realize the shower liner was the wrong size. So we had to go back and get the correct one later. I know I’m getting older because I got excited when we also picked up a new shower curtain with this print:

The bathroom was in orange and brown when I moved in. We’re not going to redecorate really since we’re moving in February, but this is definitely what we’re centering our future bathroom decor around. Black, silver, and white — clean lines. Okay, I feel really old getting excited about something as silly as a shower curtain so I’ll stop writing about it now, haha.

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