Wednesday, December 15, 2010

early christmas

Last night I came home to Jason standing in the middle of the living room holding a newly wrapped and tagged Christmas present. Of course, I asked what it was. Of course, he wouldn’t tell me. We did however continue to discuss the gift and Christmas presents in general. At one point he slipped up and mentioned “he” in reference to the gift he had been holding when I came home.

“We should trade presents tonight! Just one!” I swear, sometimes I act like an eight year-old… It didn’t take much more than that and he said “This is a bad idea…” followed by something along the lines of “Okay, just one.” (and I think the comment about how it was a bad idea again, lol)

He offered me the gift he had literally just wrapped, and I offered him the choice between two boxes, both contained an article of clothing.

He ended up choosing the package with his Insight graphic t-shirt from Urban Outfitters. And I got this little guy:

His name is Mr. Jefferson and he came from Monster Factory, an adorable company out of Toronto, Canada.

Some couples have inside jokes about bears or bugs, ours is monsters. (Those of you who have friended us on the Playstation Network know our name is iaremonster)

This littler monster is awesome! He even wears a sweet brown houndstooth tie! I especially enjoy the little knobbed mohawk on his head, it reminds me of dinosaurs.

I don’t have a picture of Jason wearing the shirt, although he did wear it around the apartment the rest of the night. He tells me he likes it, I hope so! I started to question myself after it arrived at the apartment and was afraid he wouldn’t like it at all.

Oh, and, a gift that I ordered him that was delayed due to the winter weather in New York arrived at the apartment last night too! So glad it made it!

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