Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas 2010

Christmas this year was both stressful and a lot of fun. I was really happy that the gifts I got for Jason and the gifts that we got for other people went over so well! (I was seriously worried that he may not like some of the things I got him.) The gifts he gave me were awesome! For anyone that doesn’t think Christmas should be so present involved, I definitely get that, but I love giving people things!! Especially my family since I don’t see them as often as I would like.

(I may have a problem when it comes to giving people things. I’ve seriously been ready to give Jason every present I’ve brought into the apartment the day I got it.)
So, what do we have laying around the apartment now?

For Jason
A graphic t-shirt from Urban Outfitters An organic cotton t-shirt from Urban Outfitters
This sweet cardigan, also from Urban
A new Kenneth Cole Reaction wallet (which he desperately needed!)
Season 3 of Mad Men
And these last three were my favorite things that I managed to find!
Print Mafia’s “You’re a Jackie or a Marilyn” Mad Men inspired art print
Minus the Bear Planet of Ice vinyl album pressed on clear vinyl with a purple splash
mewithoutYou Catch For Us The Foxes limited edition, 2nd press wine colored vinyl

He also got a couple of stocking stuffers, including a coffee tumbler from Starbucks that he wanted. (He actually bought me one like it the next day.) They were definitely in use all of Christmas day since we had to get up so early and travel in the cold and snow to be at my grandmothers, where we received a new coffeemaker. I’ve never been a huge coffee drinker before, but with the tumblers, new coffeemaker, and a recent discovery of yummy chocolate coffee that is certainly changing!

For Ashley

Mr. Jefferson had already made an appearance, so once again, here is my little monster!
Mad Men: The Illustrated World is an awesome book! The cartoon figures mimic scenes from various episodes of the show and the book includes a lot of different things from how to make drinks from the show and recipes to commuter routes in NY and there’s even a paper doll Joan in the back (I refuse to cut the pages up however.)
He got me this lovely owl art print from an Etsy shop. I’m seriously a lucky lady, he pays attention more than I think most guys would. He knows what I like, and manages to find some great things.
Bright Eyes I’m Wide Awake and It’s Morning 180 gram vinyl, ‘First Day of My Life’ is just one of those songs that make me think about Jason, I don’t even know if I ever told him how much I’ve wanted this album but it was a perfect gift!
Regina Spektor Begin to Hope was also a great surprise! I came really close to just asking him to get me this for Christmas when he mentioned getting me vinyl, but I never did. Obviously, he knows me well =)
I was really shocked to see a picnic basket in the box when I first opened it honestly. Last year we talked about having a picnic several times, and I almost bought a picnic basket in Target at one point. This one is so cute! And there are plates, glasses, and utensils for two. This year we have no reason not to go on a picnic and I’m really excited for the weather to get warmer!

Jason also got me a black and grey scarf with a zig zag pattern from Forever 21 that I can’t find a photo of… I’m in the process of figuring out if it’s going to look better with a black or white shirt and which cardigan.

So aside from stocking stuffers that’s pretty much what we got each other for Christmas… After a few stressful UPS deliveries, lots of hiding things from one another around the apartment, and trying to wrap them just as secretively we opened everything on December 23 while several inches of snow fell outside our apartment.

The rest of the holiday came and went quickly, and of course the weather didn’t help us out any -even though the snow was gorgeous. We’ve found ourselves with a new coffeemaker, as mentioned before, an awesome fuzzy blanket, some primitive decor for the apartment, picture frames, some DVDs/Blu Ray discs (including Toy Story 3 from my Mom to J) and Jason’s mom got us gaming chairs since she knows how often we’re playing the PS3. We told everyone not to buy us anything, they listen so well, haha.
I had a really great time spending time with both of our families and Jason did as well. Now, on to New Years, sorting out this apartment situation, and gearing up for the month of birthdays that my siblings are about to kick off!

We hope everyone had a great holiday!

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