Sunday, November 21, 2010

today we learned that skylin is a terrible movie.

We went to the movies with Jason’s parents. If you’re planning to see a good movie, go with Harry Potter, if you want to see a horrible sci-fi/drama that is so bad you laugh through it, go see Skyline. We really didn’t expect it to be so bad. Below is a screenshot. The cinematography overall wasn’t terrible, it was the best thing about the movie. Otherwise, there was no plot, and nothing that happened was ever explained.

We also put up our first Christmas tree!!! It’s so cute! We still need some kind of topper… but we haven’t really found anything. As soon as it’s complete we will post a photo, of course.

In the meantime, I’m doing some more shopping for Jason. I do believe I’ve managed to find a few more things I was looking for… We’ve managed to knock out a few more people off of our Christmas list as well. I think we’re winning at Christmas =) We know we don’t want to get stressed out and down to the week before and still have a ton to do; that is never fun!

And of course, not long until the new episode of The Walking Dead!

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