Monday, November 15, 2010

our first anniversary pt. 2

This weekend we celebrated our first year together! I still can’t believe that it’s been a year since Jason came down to Bowling Green to spend the weekend for the first time. So much has changed, so much has happened. Sometimes it’s been hard, but more than anything this year has been wonderful. Jason is my best friend, he’s my person.

Saturday morning we ventured to Louisville for breakfast at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe.

After eating we obviously took some photos, as you should do if you ever stop by Lynn’s. Then we headed to the corner, where Nitty Gritty, an awesome vintage store, is located.
Jason tried on this sweet jacket from the 80’s, before surprising me with a trip to the zoo!
I love animals! We both do. All year we’ve talked about going to the zoo, so I was excited the minute that he told me that’s how we were spending part of our day.

This guy was brilliant. He definitely stared me down in a room full of people, and creeped me out a bit. He was huge, and had some serious dreadlocks.

The Komodo Dragon looked super sad… or super sleepy. It did close its eyes as we were leaving the exhibit.

This is the new mane wolf that they are in the process of integrating into the habitat with the other mane wolves at the zoo. Gorgeous animals!

CATS of the Americas. Why is Bald Eagle on this list???

I wish I could have brought the snow leopard home… so pretty!

We made friends with a pair of these guys. This guy was my buddy. We were watching Jason and his little friend…

A vent kicked on in the bottom of his cage and he kept checking it out, then looking at Jason like “Do you see that!?” He even came over into the window and got in J’s face.

Baby Oliver! This little giraffe was born this last year at the zoo.

That is a bat. Behind him against the wall is the main animals of this exhibit: a rock hyrax. He obviously thought he was hiding. He was not very good at it.

After we wrapped things up at the zoo we headed over to Bardstown Road to hang out and do some shopping. We found a few new stores we hadn’t been in, I bought a print for the apartment from Kin Ship Press, and we took no pictures because it was raining off and on and I wasn’t about to risk my camera.
For dinner: The Cheesecake Factory! The food there is so, so good! Dim lighting, perfect atmosphere -it was definitely a great place to eat for our anniversary.

Jason was so great, he wanted the weekend to be special and it definitely was =) It’s been so much fun! We did some shopping today, including picking up ornaments for our first Christmas tree!

This weekend was amazing, this first year together has been amazing! I love Jason, I love our life together, and I’m excited about our future together.

Happy 1st Anniversary Jason!

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