Friday, November 12, 2010

movie palace, why did you ruin our amazing plans?

So, I mentioned that Jason wasn’t telling me what he was planning for this weekend, and I had plans of my own to surprise him with the other day

*If you do not want to read about what huge geeks we are, I suggest you stop reading here.*

Well, that plan is not happening. I was not happy at all when I found out that the theater in town does not sale their tickets in advance of midnight showings, but had to go there twice to even find that out.
First, the girl tells me on Wednesday I can pick up tickets when the box office opens Thursday. So I expected to be able to carry out my sweet plan of buying tickets to the midnight showing of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 last night, only to find out they don’t sell tickets to the midnight show until 1pm on the Thursday of the show.

How ridiculous is that? Why not sell them in advance and know how many people to expect in house for the evening?

Anyway, we love the Harry Potter series, books and the movies, and it was going to be a sweet surprise… until Movie Palace ruined it. I was pretty bummed out. As soon as they crushed that plan I told Jason what I had planned. Even though I didn’t get tickets he seemed to be pretty excited that I had even thought to do it. I was actually really disappointed and he probably told me it was fine over and over again before I quit dwelling on it. He was actually still excited. I do believe he’s going to pick tickets up on his lunch break Thursday, since I can’t, and we’ll still make the show.

It would have been a much better surprise… I still kind of hate that we’re paying to watch the movie at that theater too. Curse you E-town for only having one theater, and for being just far enough from Louisville for the trip to be completely inconvenient on a work night.

But, it’s going to be awesome to finally see the movie!

On a different note: I can’t believe how much these three have grown up over the years. They looked great at the premiere last night, and it’s going to be sad to see the HP film series come to a close with these final two films -after all it was a huge part of my childhood, like it was for many other people.

Thursday is going to be awesome! This weekend is going to be awesome! I love my awesome boyfriend! And that is my optimism for the day.

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