Monday, November 22, 2010

hurry up christmas

I got an email earlier letting me know my order had shipped from Amazon. The limited press vinyl and book I ordered Jason should be at our apartment within the week! This is especially exciting as the vinyl released last week and online the order hadn’t officially been shipped and even though I paid for it a month ago, the money had yet to come out of my account.

I got a little curious as to why a pre-order wouldn’t ship on time so I emailed customer service. (BTW Amazon has excellent customer service!) They let me know that the album was supplied by a company outside of Amazon and the record was currently on back-order, which meant they had no idea when the supplier would send them more and they couldn’t give me any more information.

I really didn’t think I would have this by Christmas, so I’m extremely excited! Plus, the book is pretty awesome!


I want to give him all of his presents already…. hurry up Christmas!

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