Sunday, October 10, 2010

weekend: amber got married!

Amber is my best friend from my college years. The first class I attended my freshman year was English 100, and Amber sat a few seats in front of me. All of the girls in that section of the class met in one of our dining halls for lunch after a few weeks of class. We spent that lunch meeting getting learning more personal, as well as discussing what we would like to do professionally when we graduated.

Sophomore year at the Halloween tent.

I have never met anyone else like Amber. She’s a lover, she’s a fighter for what she thinks is right, and she knows exactly who she is. And who she is, is definitely free-spirited to say the least =) It’s perfect.

October Fiesta Weekend 2007!

Amber and I were both in Broadcasting. I went to school for TV, she went for radio. We both worked for the campus radio station (me, not for long) and I took radio classes as elective broadcasting classes for fun, and so we could hang out more.

Amber’s apartment - The night of drinking Jenga

We’ve laughed over the mist ridiculous things, cried in stairwells instead of studying for finals, drank more alcohol than we ever needed in dorm rooms where it’s forbidden, and held holiday dinners with a small group of friends. We keep in touch with a few of our favorite professors, including the English teacher whose class we met in.

Amber had a birthday party in a cabin once, we had to take a short break at one point.

We’ve seen each other at our best and worst, in relationships we shouldn’t be in, and in the ones that matter most. Amber deserves all of the happiness in the world, and I’m so glad that she found the love of her life. Ross is great! And together, they’re amazing!

Saturday October 9, 2010 they walked down the aisle and said their vows.

They danced their first dance to “Hard to Concentrate” by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Amber said she knew it wasn’t a dance song, but it means a lot to them. So that definitely makes it a dance song.

Just after the ceremony we took some group photos with the bride and groom. I wish I could have had a camera on the stage, it was so perfect; as soon as Amber’s dad walked her out, Ross looked at her and said “I love you, I love you.” It was so sweet! It was the first thing that made me cry.

Amber dancing with her father.

Me with the lovely bride! I’m so happy that she asked me to take part in her day!

This wedding was so much fun! Drinks and dancing, and both Ross and Amber’s families were fantastic!

MVP of the groomsmen! (Ross isn’t a dancer, but luckily his friend Casey is!)

Amber and her Maid of Honor Katie!

This is everyone doing the Cupid Shuffle. I’m in the back somewhere. All of the older women in this photo are Amber’s aunts, great aunts, and her grandmother. Her mom is left of her and Maid of Honor, Katie. They all danced all evening! It was ridiculous and so much fun!

Amber pulling Ross’s mother in to the circle to dance with her was one of my favorite moments! And both of these ladies knew how to move!

Congrats to Ross & Amber! I’m so happy that I could be apart of your wedding day!

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