Tuesday, September 7, 2010

no, we weren't sleeping in...

Jason had issues with his neighbors before I moved in. They were loud, they had pets they weren’t allowed to, and they flooded his kitchen. They were evicted.

The new people moved in just before I did and weren’t altogether terrible. However, they, mainly the girl that lives there, have become increasingly worse. I miss last month, when they were never home and weren’t even sure if they lived there anymore.

I seriously think they just forget that people live BELOW them, that, or they don’t care. She walks like an elephant. They listen to their surround sound too loud.

Friday night she decided to clean with all of the windows open, blaring music. Bad music that she had turned up because she wanted to hear it over the vacuum cleaner. WHO DOES THAT?! We actually left for dinner when we did because she was bothering us so much. It was still ongoing when we came home, and for a while after.

The worst however was yesterday morning. Having a holiday off from work (Yay Labor Day!) we stayed up and played games Sunday, and planned to sleep in. She had other plans.

She started blaring ghetto music early the next morning. We were awake, we were tired, we were mad, and it was above our bedroom, so we could not go back to sleep.

Like the 90-year-old lady that I am, I grabbed the broom from the closet in the kitchen and knocked on the ceiling. When she didn’t turn it down, I did it again. She turned it down a little. It was still overbearingly loud. I don’t feel like I should have to get dressed, walk up a flight of stairs, knock on someone’s door, and then explain to them why they should be quieter — she’s older than I am.

Jason and I took our frustration out on the infected African people in Resident Evil 5. About an hour into the game, she turned her music off. That was even more frustrating; you wake us up early, and then decide you want to be quiet after?!

I really do not understand people.

I do know: 1. I want her to go back to Texas where she came from. 2. I do not want to live below anyone when we move out of this place; one level please. 3. I will knock on ceiling until she turns it off next time it irritates me that much. 4. I probably shouldn’t get so mad about things like this, but it’s ridiculous and disrespectful.

On the other hand: had we not started playing when we did, we probably wouldn’t be as far into Resident Evil 5, which is one of the best PS3 purchases we’ve made so far, along with the second controller.

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