Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wick's Pizza

After dropping Jason’s MacBook by the Apple store we made plans to have pizza at Wick’s Pizza. After locating the GPS, which ended up being quite the treasure hunt (because we were both looking for different pieces, and we found the piece the other one was looking for and didn’t tell the other one, because we thought we were looking for the same piece.) We found out that Wick’s was actually located on Bardstown Rd. where some of our favorite Louisville shops are, including Ear-x-tacy.

When we got in Wick’s we had the task of choosing one of their awesome pizzas. We went with “The BIG WICK” - which has everything on it (we left off the onions.) It was so, so good! And, huge.

This pizza was seriously ridiculous, and tasted AMAZING. Deep dish, piled over an inch high with tons of toppings and a thick layer of cheese baked over the top of everything. They have a variety of pizzas, as all pizza places should, including a special veggie pizza — and they offer the option to build your own.

When we were scoping out pizza options I had noticed that they had “Tie-Dye Cheesecake” listed on the back on their menu. Cheesecake is definitely a weakness, for me. So, I asked Jason if he would want to try it… being a cheesecake fan himself, he was down. Wick’s tie-dye cheesecake has mango, kiwi, and raspberry syrup toppings, which may not sound like a great combination — but me, the girl who eats plain cheesecake tried it, and it may be the best cheesecake I’ve ever eaten. Seriously.

We didn’t even manage to get a picture before we had to have a bite!
Tie-Dye Cheesecake
We stopped in at Ear-x again and Jason picked up the new Beach House album, on vinyl. We headed home and encountered a lot of terrible driving and non-existent road work that had the interstate shut down to one lane, but we finally made.

Hopefully next week when we make the trip back up the Mac will be recovered, and maybe we’ll eat somewhere else amazing!

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