Tuesday, August 3, 2010

we loved here, an explanation

I’ve been meaning to write something about where the title for our page came from. I’ve been asked by a few people online, and more so by friends that have checked it out after shameless promotion on other social media sites.

Several years ago in my college library I came across a poet by the name of Yehuda Amichai. He had a book called “We Loved Here.” It was translated from Hebrew and during an afternoon spent roaming the shelves I remember reading a few lines here and there, placing the book back where it came from and moving along with my day. Something about the words “we loved here” has stuck with me since then, though I’ve never really acknowledged it or used the phrase for anything.

Then, I met Jason.

Places we went, things we touched -they were special. We were special, we had been there. Subconsciously I’ve thought to myself “we loved here” at different moments in time since we were together… those moments that the world stops and you forget other people are even around you in the middle of busy malls, crowded bars, parties, or even our quiet apartment. Such a simple thought would drift into my thoughts even before we spoke our first ‘I love yous.’ We loved here. We started the blog around the time we started dating, but just didn’t commit to it.

It feels like we have loved one another forever, in the best possible way that a person can imagine and apply such a statement. It’s so right; we’re where we need to be, where we belong.

In the spring I wrote about the decision Jason and I had made to move in together in July. Without thinking about it too much I wrote in the line “We loved here.” referring to missing my apartment, the town, the places we frequented, everything. That post made me want to start working on the blog again, and oddly (or not so oddly if you know us) enough Jason made the same suggestion…

More than ever the title seemed fitting, considering where we were at that point in time and where we were going. Those three little words have for whatever reason stuck with me over the years, as of course they will continue to. We have a lot of places to go, things to see, and more to do; because we are together, and because we have an amazing love that I wish everyone could feel, everything we touch is going to be special and have meaning. The possibilities of where that could reach are endless… 

So, for anyone that ever wondered.

Thanks for following!

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