Wednesday, June 16, 2010

moving & job hunting

So, it’s been briefly mentioned about us moving in together this summer, and with recent developments we’re seeing where this awesome plan is hitting a few bumps in the road — although I believe everything will work itself out and be fine.

My lease ends in July, and my roommate moves. I’ve lived in my college town for 5 years now, and it’s time for a change. Also, there’s no way I could afford the rent on my own right now.

Jason lives in his hometown in a two bedroom apartment, and several months ago mentioned that when my lease ended I could move in with him. We talked about it more and more, and decided that come July, I would move in with him.

If I’m not mistaken, we had both vowed to not live with significant others based on previous experiences… but we’re different from everyone else we’ve dated and on this planet, so the thought wasn’t scary - it seemed like a perfect plan.

We’re both excited- although I tell him constantly that he’s excited because I’m bringing my 32” flat panel Vizio. (My TV is awesome.)

Anyway, I was basically told I would be able to get a job where my aunt works, no problem. They are in constant need of people, it wouldn’t matter what my degree was in, they would train me to do what they needed. So, I applied, I even interviewed. So far I have been contacted by three different departments about jobs - one that I could do, and two that were impossible schedules. I never heard back about the interview, which is even more frustrating since my aunt works with the woman and was so sure I wouldn’t have any problems getting hired.

I’ve also applied at a television station in a bigger city upstate, and Jason ad-agencies in hopes that we could move there, since eventually we hope to do that anyway.

It’s been a discouraging couple of weeks honestly, since the job I was supposed to get didn’t call, and the TV station listed their job incorrectly and they weren’t look for just a Digital Producer, but a Senior Digital Producer to lead their web. Note to everyone: do not post the same job differently in two places, with different requirements and titles.

I’ve been utilizing job search sites like mad. Since I have a degree it’s actually a lot more useful of a tool (also, I plan to blog about job search sites later; what works, what doesn’t, how to handle certain things, etc.)

Last night I applied for an online writing job, thinking it would just be another unanswered email, a wasted effort. I was shocked to see a response this morning, and super excited!

Tomorrow, I will be speaking to a woman in Boston, MA more in depth about the work and as a sort of interview, and hopefully it will go well and I can do an interview with a person in their offices here. I’m really excited!!!!! (can you tell?) and wanted to share.

As soon as I can get a job, I can move! As Jason put it the other night: “This distance shit if for the birds.”

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