Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Ashley has her job interview on friday…it’s a big deal. I have the utmost faith in her that she’ll nail it and amaze everyone she talks to. these people have no idea what they’re in for. not only do they get a young woman who knows how to write her ass off and has multiple college degrees, but they get the opportunity to add someone to their team with passion. passion for writing, creativity and life in general. these people are purely bonkers if they don’t hand her the job. basically this job would fall right in line with our lives the way we want. to be able to move up in july and have a job, a good one that she would enjoy, would be perfection. one step closer to that world of “just us” that we yearn for. it’s incredible to take a “backseat” every now and then and watch the evolution of your relationship. what started as a simple “hello” is blossoming into this experience that is bigger and better than anything i’ve known and can imagine.
as far as what to wear to the interview, she’ll have jaws dropping left and right no matter what haha. she’s the put together one. i’m sure a picture will be posted haha.
this weekend is picturepalooza…we’re taking tons of pictures and posting them on here because i’ve been slacking off on the “taking pictures” promises i always make. be ready. we’re the secks.
we’ll also be posting another recipe (like we did with Crabioli). What i’m making is a surprise for Ashley again or else i’d tell you….but you’ll have to wait until Friday. That just gives you another excuse to check back. take and give care where deserved.

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